H + I - Tunnel Mountain Meadow Wedding

This wedding is from way back in 2016 however I really, really wanted to blog it for a few reasons; Number one, It was my second solo wedding - my good friends had forced my into shooting theirs prior, but these two were the first strangers to put their trust in me on such a momentous day. This meant the world to me - both then and for all of my couples and families today. I am always incredibly honoured to be able to help create memories of such special times and thankful for the trust people give to me. Number two, I have seen these two go from engaged to married, to parents and it has been a beautiful journey, which brings me to... Number three - they're gorgeous and so was their wedding day.


Bride's Dress - David's Bridal + Bridesmaid Dresses - Free People + Bride's Shoes - Betsey Johnson + Canoe Provided by - The Banff Canoe Club + Location - Tunnel Montain Meadow and Buffalo Mountain Lodge